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Enterprise Business Starter Free
Pay yearly and get
2 months free!
Pay yearly and get
2 months free!
Pay yearly and get
2 months free!
Hashtags Library
Extra Access
Full Hashtags Encyclopedia (30 related hashtags, HashSmart filter, 12 Top influencers), Extra course material
Extra Access
Full Hashtags Encyclopedia (30 related hashtags, HashSmart filter, 12 Top influencers), Extra course material
Extra Access
Full Hashtags Encyclopedia (30 related hashtags, HashSmart filter, 12 Top influencers), Extra course material
Plus Access
Compact Hashtags Encyclopedia (10 related hashtags, 6 Top influencers, Bookmarking), Advanced course material
Hashtags Lab
Hashtag Analysis Extra
20 Hashtags, 1.5 Million max monthly datapoints (tweets & RT), 100 top influencers, PDF white label reports, sentiment analysis, unlimited data retention
Hashtag Analysis Plus
5 Hashtags, 200 Thousand max monthly datapoints (tweets & RT), 40 top influencers, PDF reports, sentiment analysis, 2 years data retention
Hashtag Analysis Basic
2 Hashtag, 30 Thousand max monthly datapoints (tweets & RT), 10 top influencers, 6 months data retention
Hashtags Lab for Instagram (New)
Hashtag Tracking Extra
2 Hashtags (more available on request), 1.5 Million max monthly datapoints (posts & likes), 100 top influencers, unlimited data retention.
Hashtag Tracking Plus
2 Hashtags (more available on request), 200 Thousand max monthly datapoints (posts & likes), 40 top influencers, 2 years data retention.
Users Lab
User Analysis Extra
10 Twitter Accounts, Competitor Analysis, Influencer Analysis, Benchmarking
User Analysis Plus
3 Twitter Accounts, Competitor Analysis, Influencer Analysis
User Analysis Basic
1 Twitter Personal Account
Hashtags Café
Extra Menu
20 Twitter Accounts, Daily Hashtags Diet & Inspiration, Email Alerts, White Label
Plus Menu
5 Twitter Accounts, Daily Hashtags Diet & Inspiration, Email Alerts
Basic Menu
1 Twitter Account, Daily Hashtags Diet & Inspiration, Email Alerts
Real Time Assistance
Live Remote Assistance (Skype/Google Hangouts), Email
Fast Assistance
Basic Assistance
Pay yearly and get
2 months free!
Pay yearly and get
2 months free!
Pay yearly and get
2 months free!

We're proud to work with, among others:

Microsoft-300 Fashionweek-300 Thisismission-220 Colours
Hashtagify Pro helps me identify top hashtags to gain influence, mentions, retweets and followers
— Ryan Phillips, AIRS Training

Icon-library-250 Find Better Hashtags, Faster!

Hashtagify University Library

Search Faster

When you're in a hurry, activate our HashSmart Filter to automatically filter out the most spammy, most generic hashtags.


Search Deeper

With 30 related hashtags, our Hashtags Encyclopedia Complete Edition has 3 times the search depth of the free Compact Edition.


Find More Influencers

For a quick look at a hashtag's influencers, we maintain a list of the 12 top all-time influencers instead of the regular 6.


Icon-hashtags-lab-250 Hashtag Analysis and Influence Amplification

Hashtags Lab

Full Hashtag Tracking

Track 100% of the tweets for your relevant hashtags, with in-depth reports that validate your strategy and give great marketing insights.


Measure The Influence

Measure your own, your team's, and your competitors' influence on the hashtag. Drill down to the individual tweets that create that influence.


Find & Reach Top Influencers

Easily find any hashtag's top influencers, with a wealth of information to understand who to contact to amplify your message, and how.

We love the influencer feature, it allows us to pinpoint and connect with relevant users, then push out content we know they are already engaging with.
— Alexei, reactadapt.co.uk

Icon-users-lab-250 Account Analysis & Hashtag Suggestions

Users Lab

One-click Hashtags Suggestions

Let the Research Assistant analyzes your Twitter accounts with the HashSmart Machine and automatically find new targeted hashtags for you.


Ever-improving Hashtag Marketing

Use our hashtags usage reports to understand what works best and what doesn't, while our new trends alerts help you to stay ahead of the curve.


Track Influencers & Competitors

Use the HashSmart Machine to learn from your reference influencers and to outsmart your most dangerous competitors.


Icon-coffee Daily Hashtags Suggestions And Inspiration

Tutor and Research Assistant preparing suggestions

A Balanced Hashtag Diet

When you're not sure which hashtags you should use, let our Hashtagify Tutor create a balanced daily diet for you.


Less Bean-Counting

For her suggestions, the Assistant keeps track of the hashtags you use, the suggested ones and their results, so you don't have to.


More Inspiration

To make things even easier, the Assistant's suggestions come complete with great examples to inspire you to use the suggested hashtag.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hashtags Lab

How often is my hashtag analysis updated?

Data for each hashtag is updated daily. The update process starts shortly after 00:00 GMT, and ends in a few hours depending on the total amount of data our systems have to download and analyze that day.

How long will I have to wait to get my first report?

When you first start tracking a new hashtag, we immediately start downloading and analyzing its data. Depending on the number of tweets found and the activity of the top influencers, it usually takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours to get your first report. You can follow the progress of this operation from your hashtag dashboard.

How far back in time can I go with my analysis of a hashtag?

Twitter usually keeps online from 4 to 8 days worth of full past data for each hashtag, and that is what we will download and analyze for your first report. After that, every day we will download and save the new data for your hashtag; the data will be kept in our system for as long as you will continue tracking your hashtag, and you'll be able to analyze it all through our dashboard.

Can I get more information before starting my trial?

Sure! You can learn everything there is to know reading our full Manual if you want or, if you're interested in a Business or Enterprise plan, we'll be glad to schedule a live demo. Contact us at info@cybranding.com


How secure are payments on hashtagify.me?

We use the most secure encryption technology to treat your sensitive data. If you choose to pay with a credit card, your data is stored safely on an external high security server. You can also pay using PayPal, so that no data is sent to us at all, or you can use a purchase order if you wish.

PayPal Logo
Norton Secured Comodo Trust

How does the free trial work?

When you first try any of our plans, you have 10 days to cancel your trial, free of charge. Before charging you the first time fee, we'll alert you through an email.

Do you offer a discount for yearly payments?

Yes! For yearly payment we offer 2 months free (16.6% off compared to the monthly plan). After clicking "choose plan" you can select a yearly payment to use this offer.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan after the free trial?

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. When you upgrade your plan, you will only be charged for the difference between the plans for the period remaining (pro-quota). If you downgrade or cancel your plan, you'll continue to get your service for the period you already paid.

Can I buy a plan using a purchase order?

Yes, you can buy any of our yearly plan using a purchase order. You can select this option after you click "choose plan". After you activate your trial plan, we'll contact you with all the details to proceed with the order.

Can I track more than 30 hashtags?

Sure! If you need more than what we offer with our Enterprise plan, you can tell us your needs and we'll be glad to make a custom offer for you. You can write to info@cybranding.com or call our UK number +44 203 3184754

Find Hashtags

My Daily Suggestions

Welcome to the Hashtagify 2.0 Beta!

We worked hard to offer many new great features, both pro and free.

Wall-tab The main new free feature is the Hashtag Wall: Just click the "Wall" tab for any hashtag, and find the top recent tweets and instagrams in a new beautiful graphical format.

The main new pro features are:

  • The Hashtags Encyclopedia full edition: find 30 related hashtags, filter the most relevant ones
  • The Users Lab: get automated suggestions for your Twitter account, analyze influencers and competitors
  • The Hashtags Café: get daily hashtags suggestions and inspiration
  • The Hashtags Lab: formerly known as Hashtag Intelligence, lets you analyze your hashtags in depth

For more details, start from our Plans and Pricing page

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