Influencers Panel Walkthrough


When you really want to master a hashtag, it’s vital to learn about its influencers. We built our Influencers tab to help you answer some fundamental questions:


  • Who are the top influencers for this hashtag?
  • Who should I try to connect with, and how?
  • What are the social norms of this community - what should I do or not do?
  • What other subjects do the influencers in this community find interesting?

NB: There is also a video version of this walkthrough.

Top Influencers

Top-influencers-list-cut When you open the Influencers tab, the first thing you can see is the list of the top influencers that we have found for your hashtag. The influencers are ranked by the total potential impressions they generated for the hashtag, both directly and indirectly: Not only by their own tweets, but also when they get retweeted or mentioned in connection with this hashtag.

Depending on your plan, we will analyze up to 100 top influencers, but we only show 10 of them at the same time. To see the other ones, you can scroll through the list using the little arrows at the top right.

You can export all the influencers in CSV format, using the Hashtags-lab-top-influencers icon.



You can also add labels to your influencers - for example, "Important" or "Spammer" - and then filter the list using your labels. To manage the labels for your influencers, click the Hashtags-lab-top-influencers icon to show the dropdown menu.

Here, you can also add notes to the influencers, if you want to remember some of your findings.

Follow/Unfollow an Influencer

If you analyzed your account through the My Users, you can even follow or unfollow influencers directly from this page.

For each of your managed Twitter accounts, and for each influencer, we show a circle which shows the following status:

  • You are not following and not followed by the influencer
  • You are following, but not followed by the influencer
  • You are followed, but not following the influencer
  • You are following and followed by the influencer

You can click those icon to follow or unfollow an influencer without leaving hashtagify.me.


Add/Remove an Influencer from Twitter lists

Last but not least, the Twitter integration allows you to manage your Twitter lists. You can add or remove the influencers to/from any of your existing lists, or even create a new list from here.


Influencer Chart


To give you a visual representation of the top influencers, we create a chart where each of them is shown as a disc. This way, you can compare at a glance their relative influence (Y axis) and their number of followers (size of the circles). On the X axis, you can also see how specialized they are for this hashtag: the more to the right the influencer, the higher the specialization.

If you click on one influencer in this list - in this example, @socialmicheller - and scroll down to the users’ details, you'll find a lot about her to understand who she is, with whom she’s interacting, what is she tweeting about, and how.

Influencer Details


As you can see, @socialmicheller, during the tracked period, sent 3,608 tweets on target - on target here means using the tracked hashtag. She also sent 4,186 tweets off target, without using the hashtag. From this we compute the on target ratio of 46%, which is a very high number, and the one we use for the X axis shown on the chart.

We can also see that she tweets quite enough, with 20.5 daily tweets on average. Then, we can move to some interesting numbers about this influencer’s engagement with this hashtag.

First of all, we could wonder about the reactions to michelle’s activity about this hashtag. In aggregate, we can see that her tweets on target were retweeted 65 times; she was also mentioned 335 times by other users using this hashtag. But who exactly retweeted and/or mentioned her?

Users Mentioning

To see that, we can move to the “Users mentioning socialmicheller” table, where we learn that she was retweeted 14 times and mentioned 154 by @stevecassady, generating over 3 million impressions. By default, the table is sorted by retweets, but, if we’re more interested in the mentions, we can sort it by those, and see who is the user that retweeted her the most.


We could then want to know more about socialmicheller’s own activity, about her 3.6 thousand tweets on target, and learn that 156 of those were retweets, 0 were via mentions, and only 15 of them contained links.

Users Mentioned

But who does Michelle retweet and mention? As you guessed, we’ve got a table for that!


Here you can see that the most mentioned user by Michelle for this hashtag is aknecht, with 700 mentions on target, and also 8 retweets. In this table, you can also see the retweets and mentions off target. But, most importantly, you can go to see the actual tweets doing the mentions and the retweets! As a matter of fact, if you click on the mentioned user name and scroll down, you’ll find all the tweets on target from Michelle mentioning @aknecht. You can read them and see what exactly they were about.

Tweets Sent


By the way, you can also remove the filter for @aknecht and see all the tweets on target sent by @michelle. This is very useful if you want to check the kinds of tweets used by the top influencers for your hashtag, and learn about the social norms respected by the leaders of this community.

It shows a maximum of 50 tweets on each influencer by default, but you can click "Load all" to download all the tweets this user sent with the analyzed hashtag during the analyzed period.

Like on the top influencers list, you can add labels and notes to the tweets, and then use those labels to filter the tweets.

Hashtags Used

Last, but not least, you can also learn about the other hashtags used by @socialmicheller, both together with the tracked hashtag - if you sort by on target less worktweets - and in general - if you sort by tweets.


This is a very interesting way to find common interests with an influencer, making it easier to connect with him. It is also a good way to find more specific hashtags related to your tracked one, and so find related communities or sub-communities you can explore and join; this is especially important when you want to piggyback on some very broad hashtag, where your message could get lost in a sea of spam.


As we know, learning about the top influencers for your hashtag, and connecting with them, requires quite a bit of effort, but it is the key to becoming a successful influencer in your own right, and to keep the hashtag itself healthy if this is your own campaign. This is why mastering the My Hashtags Influencers tab will help you exert more influence, with less work.


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