My Users Guide

My Users Analysis

In this section you can find some useful information about the user you are tracking. How successful are her/his hashtags? How much buzz do they generate? Are they actively engaging people? You can plan your next actions relying on data rather than opinions.

Usage Analysis


Here you can see a summary of the number of tweets analyzed for the user you are tracking.

Visual Analysis & Analysis table



Remember Hashtagify is “Find, analyze, amplify”? Well, once you have searched and tracked an user, here is where the last part comes into play.

Both the graph and the table show what hashtags are mostly used by the account you are tracking (whether it’s yours, a competitor or an influencer). It also measures the results in terms of amplification.

How to read the graph? We take into consideration the total number of tweets analyzed, divided by original and retweets. The original tweets are then split by number of hashtags they contain and analyzed basing on their amplification rate (generated by the number of retweets).

Your Hashtag Clusters

Twitter users are often interested or specialized in different subjects. We use an algorithm to find possible “families” of hashtags, so that you can better identify the main topics your tracked user is interested in.


By selecting a cluster you can see its main hashtags and suggestions in the table. Moreover, you can sort them by correlation, popularity or trend.