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My Hashtags

In this section you can find all the information related to the hashtag you are tracking. This panel will be your starting point for every strategic decision you will undertake.



The “Sampling” button gives you a hint on the quality of your analysis. If it’s red, that usually means the tracker you are using is not big enough for the kind of hashtag you are tracking. Of course you can decide to keep tracking the hashtag no matter what, but you are likely to lose some important pieces of information. You should probably upgrade or buy a top-up tracker to improve the analysis reliability.

If the “Sampling” button is yellow, your analysis is not that bad, but it could still improve quite significantly if you’d use a bigger tracker.

If you see a green button, well, congratulations: you are analysing an impressive percentage of data points (tweets and interactions).

Hashtag Summary Data


First of all, you have a summary of the main KPIs about your hashtag, considering both the all-time trends and the daily trends.

Trend Analysis

This section shows the trend in the usage and results of your tracked hashtag.


The “Unique Users” gauge shows the trend in the adoption of the hashtag, measuring the percentage change in terms of unique users reached.

The “Sentiment” gauge lets you understand the balance between positive and negative tweets for your hashtag. This is currently only computed for tweets in English and Spanish.

The “Total Impressions” gauge indicates the trend for the amplification of the message for your hashtag.

My-hashtags-trend-analysis-influencer-1 My-hashtags-trend-analysis-influencer-2

When you track some specific influencers with our Prime trackers, you are also able to monitor how the amplification changes considering the activity of your influencer (“”With Your Influencers” gauge) or excluding it (“Without Your Influencers”) - ie, organically.

When the percentage variation in the total number of impressions is positive even without your influencers’ activity, it means your hashtag is gaining power autonomously and you are going viral.

Average Engagement

What is the percentage change of users engaged by your hashtag? This guge answer this little question!


Hashtag Amplification Over Time


These panels give you access to a number of detailed daily data on your hashtag and on the rich. They will also be particularly interesting to you if you are using a Prime tracker.

Hashtag Tweets: Days of the Week and Hours of the Day


This data visualization shows you activity data aggregated by day of the week and time of the day.

You can adapt the data to your own time zone using the slider at the bottom, and read the exact distribution by hovering with your mouse on the single cells for the days, hours, or hour/day.

Hashtag Top Influencer

Find out everything you want to know about the top influencers related to your tracked hashtag. You can also check how many of their tweets contain that specific hashtag - or, technically speaking, how many of them are on target.


Top Related Hashtags

What are the hashtags that somehow relate to yours? Can you use any of them to improve your effectiveness? Or is there any particular hashtag you should be wary of? This table could be the answer to all those questions.


Hashtags Cloud & Keyword Cloud

Here you have a visual explanation of the related hashtags listed in the above section. Click on one of the displayed hashtag to find out all the details about it.