Hashtagify API Pricing

Hashtagify API

The Hashtagify API lets you query data from the 40M+ hashtags in our Hashtags Encyclopedia and use it for your own apps. To learn more, read our API Manual.


Access to the API requires an active subscription. With any of our user-level subscriptions you get 100 requests per day free. If you need more, these are our prices:

Tier 1
$99 per month
500 api calls per hour
5,000 api calls per day
Tier 2
$359 per month
2,000 api calls per hour
20,000 api calls per day
Tier 3
$1299 per month
8,000 api calls per hour
80,000 api calls per day
Tier 4
$3499 per month
25,000 api calls per hour
250,000 api calls per day

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